The Nuclear Safety and Security Online User Interface (NSS-OUI) is a knowledge management system that was developed to support the use and application of the IAEA Safety Standards and Nuclear Security Series publications by enabling easy access to their content. 

The functionalities of NSS-OUI are being contiousely enhanced and made user friendly. Feedback from our stakeholders will also help further improving this interface.

​The published versions of the IAEA Safety Standards can be accessible through the general IAEA Safety Standards web page.

The published versions of the IAEA Nuclear Security Series publications can be accessible though the general Nuclear Security Series web page.​

The use, including the reproduction of whole or parts of texts contained in Safety Standards and Nuclear Security Series publications is subject to the Copyright Notice available on the IAEA's Publications web page.

Any such use must make reference to the relevant official publication available on the IAEA's Publications web page and not to the HTML version thereof available in this Online User Interface. A link to the relevant official publication web page is provided at the bottom of every HTML version.

​Due to the need to import in the Online User Interface the text of the official publications, differences in formatting may occur.

Please note that the IAEA cannot guarantee the authenticity of documents on the Internet. Links to non-IAEA sites do not imply any official endorsement of or responsibility for the opinions, ideas, data, or products presented at these locations, or guarantee the validity of the information provided. Links to non-IAEA sites are provided solely as a pointer to information on topics that may be used to IAEA staff, its Member States, and the public. 


​​Safety related terms are to be understood as defined in the IAEA Safety and Se​curity Glossary​. Otherwise, words are used with the spellings and meanings assigned to them in the latest edition of The Concise Oxford Dictionary. For Safety Guides, the English version of the text is the authoritative version. The background and context of each standard in the IAEA Safety Standards Series and its objective, scope and structure are explained in Section 1, Introduction, of each publication. Material for which there is no appropriate place in the body text (e.g. material that is subsidiary to or separate from the body text, is included in support of statements in the body text, or describes methods of calculation, procedures or limits and conditions) may be presented in appendices or annexes. An appendix, if included, is considered to form an integral part of the safety standard. Material in an appendix has the same status as the body text, and the IAEA assumes authorship of it. Annexes and footnotes to the main text, if included, are used to provide practical examples or additional information or explanation. Annexes and footnotes are not integral parts of the main text. Annex material published by the IAEA is not necessarily issued under its authorship; material under other authorship may be presented in annexes to the safety standards. Extraneous material  presented in annexes is excerpted and adapted as necessary to be generally useful.​